"By using 3 Seasons during our warmer months, we have significantly reduced our
windshield washer solution costs 8 months a year in our market. As industry material
costs continue to rise every bit of savings is necessary to stay competitive. The 3 Seasons
System is super easy to install, use and has proven itself to be a quality product. We have
utilized the 3 Seasons System for the past 4 years. It has also reduced drum handling and
storage concerns. As well no more drum pump purchases making our operations much
more efficient and less stressful physically. The benefits are clear as the numbers speak
for themselves. $975 dollars a month savings at our 3 locations!
“Jeff” - Midas of Madison WI.

We own and operate a full service Goodyear store in a smaller market - whereas we were
purchasing 55 gallon drums of ready to use windshield washer solution for $135.00 per
drum. We now purchase 3 Seasons and pay only $24.95 per 55 gallon drum. The product
has worked and performed as they stated. We only wish they carried and sold the winter
formula - but the savings for the 8 months we utilize 3 Seasons is substantial.

Kayser Auto Group
Kayser Ford - Kayser Nissan - Kayser
Chrysler - Kayser Lincoln
We have been with 3 Seasons for most of 6 years. Finally an option to purchasing a
year around product with a drastic savings purchasing a seasonal product.
Dramatic savings to our service department. Our quick lube doing volumes of 900 -
1500 vehicles a month and a 8-12-16 drum volume usage per month. The math is
the math $24.95 per drum verses $125.00 per drum / their service has been
unmatched and very professional as well. I highly recommend 3 Seasons.

Ballweg Auto Group
Toyota - Mercedes - Chevrolet - Ford
3 Seasons has been a great savings for our dealerships. Met the 3 Seasons Company at
our annual WISCO show - and installed the following week.
Such a savings we have installed 3 Seasons in all our locations. Easy to store and handle
one gallon makes 55 gallons.

Broadway Auto Group
Chevrolet - Ford
$24.95 per 55 gallon drum - an absolute no brainier - so impressed with the
innovation and drastic cost savings - we introduced
3 Seasons at our Vegas top 20 dealer summit. Located in Green Bay WI - with 7
months of $24.95 per drum compared to $84.00 per drum for our winter months
- excellent product - excellent savings - great service.

DRASTIC - Corporate Multiple Dealership Savings
We have saved some of our multi corporate dealerships over $100,000.00 in annual
savings on their purchases of windshield washer solution. 36 Multi owned
Dealerships purchasing an average of 6 drums of ready to use windshield washer
solution per month for a total of 216 drums per month for a average price of $88.00
per month - $19,008.00 per month - 8 month total $152,064.00

8 months 3 Seasons @ $24.95 per drum 216 drums per month total $5,389.20
8 month cost of the same product volume of 3 Seasons cost $43,113.60

8 month use from OLD SCHOOL VENDOR COST $152,064.00
8 month use 3 Seasons Product/System cost $43,113.60


This is just a few of the 3 Seasons customers that enjoy the dramatic
savings - convenience of utilizing 3 Seasons Concentrated Windshield
Washer Solution. We at 3 Seasons are proud to offer our accounts a
savings of 50-75% on their purchases of a premium windshield washer
solution. 3 Seasons is a proven - tested - marketed product
with over 1 MILLION gallons serviced and utilized. Do the math and
give us a call.