Finally a commercial, high grade - extreme, low cost premium windshield washer
solution, engineered  to supplement your pricey winter solution. Specifically deigned, to
save you $1000.00's. With a savings guarantee of 50-75% per month.

Developed with
3 Seasons Solutions Inc., perfected state of the art proprietary registered
delivery system.  Coupled with our premium concentrated bug blaster windshield washer
solution. All designed to save you $1,000.00's - at the push of a button.

3 Seasons Solutions Inc. Innovative Engineered Product/System - Above 32 Degrees
@ .45 cents per gallon -
5 to 12 months per year - to be utilized as a supplement.
3 Seasons Solutions Inc. Product/System
The Ultimate Proven Cost Savings Alternative!

Over 1 Million Commercial Gallons Sold
Commercial Premium Windshield Washer
Solution/Designed To Supplement Your
Pricey -22 Degree Winter Solution
With Our $00.45 Cents Per Gallon
Windshield Washer Solution
The Common Sense Alternative
The Common Sense Supplement
55 Gallons