How soon will my order be processed?

Normally same business day. We at 3 Seasons will confirm your order placed -
check delivery day and confirm.

What color is your windshield washer solution?

3 Seasons Windshield Washer Solution is light blue.

My siphon tube is not pulling up any concentrated product?

Check your siphon tube filter and make sure it is clear. Your siphon tube filter is located on the end of
your tubing - that is placed into the concentrated 3 Seasons Windshield Washer Solution.

Do you offer WINTER blend Windshield Washer Solution?

Yes we do - but only on a limited delivery area.

3 Seasons Is Exactly That - Spring - Summer - Fall - Windshield Washer Solution (8 MONTHS For
Northern States)
March / April / May / June / July / August / September / October - 8 Months Of Drastic Savings On 3
Seasons Windshield Washer Solution 12 months southern states.

We have a few customers that only come in once a year for their oil change and we are concerned of
their tanks freezing?

If you have the data to show a particular customer only comes in once a year and you have concerns of
their tank freezing simply fill their tank with winter solution. A oil change is for 3 months 3,000 miles not
for 12 months. The fiscal exchange of saving $1,000.00's per quarter way out weigh the logical concerns -
in our opinion. In short you are responsible for the 3 months of your oil change agreement.