We have been training our own detailers
and automotive dealership
detailers for the past 30 plus years.

Why? Well Actually - Its Quit Simple!

To be the most profitable your detailers
MUST be trained.

To deliver a consistent high quality
detailed vehicle time & time again, your
detailers MUST be trained.

Detailer turn over is quite high - so having
a complete comprehensive detailing
training program in place is essential.

Staying abreast of the latest procedures
and detailing technics in the industry is a
must in todays detailing world.

Having a complete skill set of detailing
procedures & having a clearly defined
set of detailing expectations is most
essential & critical.

Sounds expensive right? We in the day
charged $800.00 a day for training.
We have now developed a program where
as a % of your purchases have been
dedicated to the continual
training of your detailers.

Buy from us - train by us - NO CHARGE!